What are the best camping hacks?

What are the best camping hacks?
  • Bring Toothpaste Pods

Don’t bring the tube. Create small pods of toothpaste in a baking sheet and sprinkle it with baking soda. It will harden after a couple of minutes. Pop one in your mouth and brush away! You can now avoid messy spilled toothpaste inside your bag

  • Bring lots of cotton

You can use cotton as a fire-starter and to treat your wounds.

  • Buy a big chilly bin

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t bring some luxuries. Invest in a big chilly bin that can fit your meats, fish, and of course, beers.

  • Pre-cook your meals

Cooking with a campfire isn’t exactly a picnic (see what I did there ;) ) Normally, I would pre-cook my meals and just heat them up on the campfire or grill. It’s an easy way to make dinner out in the woods without accidentally poisoning someone because the food was raw. And trust me, getting food poisoning in the middle of the woods is definitely not a pleasant experience.

  • Bring lots of snacks

Are you camping with kids? Make sure that you bring loads of snacks. Kids get hungry a lot and will complain often , especially when they’re hungry. The more that they spend stuffing their face in is more quiet time for you.

  • Bring BIG Trash Bags

Clean up is always the worst part of camping. The trip is over and yet you still have to clean up. As a responsible camper, you NEED to clean up. To make it easier, buy XXXL trashbags so you can just stuff everything in.